SINIKKA ROHRER - Mom, Photographer, Business Owner



My name is Sinikka and I am a wedding photographer and educator in Indianapolis, IN and I am proud to be Finnish! I have been married to Alan, the love of my life, for 3 years now and am a complete open book when it comes to loving like Jesus in a marriage relationship.


I first encountered Christ in elementary school when I stole my sister's devotional book, sat across from my imaginary friend - Jesus, and started talking. He and I have been almost inseparable since and it was in high school when I started to push Him to let me be on mission to build His Kingdom with my whole being. That took me on a faith walk to Indonesia for my senior year of high school. It also took me on a faith walk to IU Bloomington, where I received a full ride scholarship I should have never been able to apply for. He also led me on a faith walk to the Catholic church, after growing up with a mama on fire for and making incredibly huge waves in the Protestant church.


Finally, He took me on a faith walk to start a wedding photography business focused on ministering to His brides, and that is where we are today :) 


Soul Creations Photography was brought to life after a lot of time spent thinking and dreaming with Jesus. If I was going to do anything - he was going to be at the center - and after a lot of soul searching and listening to His Voice, it came to be. 


Soul Creations is a wedding photography ministry focused on walking with brides spiritually and practically as they journey to the aisle. We are here are encouragers and cheerleaders through the sticky, difficult, stressful moments to help remind them to slow down and point them right back to Jesus and the bigger picture. We help them focus on the sacrament, more than the specifics.


Starting a business is hard, starting a ministry is sometimes even harder. Doing both together sometimes feels like you're walking the line between being a missionary and CEO and it's confusing, but there's a few tips that I have taken to heart to make Soul Creations successful as both a business and ministry.


Since Day 1 before I left my corporate job to work in the Lord's ministry full-time, I became a master at knowing my numbers. I learned what my expenses were and what income I needed to have in order to make the leap. Knowing my numbers has ensured that the ministry is sustainable and that funds are stewarded WELL. 


In addition, I have delegated. When I went full-time I started to focus on how to optimize my time and where my time was best spent. I started to outsource editing, inbox management, and some social media in a way that I knew my cash flow could handle in order to focus more on what only I could do: create a system and workflow for the business so that we could start to bring on more team members. I knew the Lord was creating a ministry and that it was bigger than myself - so success in the first year of business meant preparing all I could in order to ensure that when Jesus brought more harvesters my way - I was ready to train them to do all things well behind the scenes. 


The future of this company is truly up to Jesus. I have actually told him that again and again, and again and again He has brought the right person to my door knocking and saying they were wanting to come on board. I know that the Lord has a bigger vision for this company than I can handle and I am happy to say that Kristen, our newest associate, and our two summer interns have been incredible harvesters who are ready to start shooting, editing, and handling the business behind the scenes so that I can soon begin to phase out of shooting and start focusing on educating.


In addition to serving brides, Jesus has called me to hold a hand out to those photographer gals who are trying so hard to make it full-time in their businesses. With the knowledge I have, I am personally beginning to mentor and educate these women through online coaching and The Wedding Photographer's Growth Guide course. It has been AWESOME! 


If you're a budding wedding photographer who wants a helping hand to guide you through the step by step process it takes to go full-time--> our FREE Wedding Photographer Starter Kit is for you! You'll learn how to calculate your numbers and know when YOU can make your dream a career and go full-time. Grab yours at the top of our SC Education page!