My name is Natalie d’Aubermont Thompson, I’m first generation Argentine-American…founder/CEO of Saltar Consulting and Living by the Page, mama to three and about to celebrate 15 years of marriage this summer to my husband David!

I grew up in Atlanta, GA and came to faith initially via my parents and church community (Northwest Presbyterian). YoungLife staff were wonderful in challenging my faith in the high school context and InterVarsity at Tufts, where I went to college, was crucial in the deepening and maturing of my faith. Meeting David in Washington DC after college was also key. I had never factored faith much into dating, and he was the first Christian guy I dated, or at least the first one to take his faith seriously. I loved how much he loved and honored the Lord but in a way that was freeing, not legalistic. Being married definitely has it’s moments where “iron sharpens iron” but I appreciate how he’s pushed me to develop and grow as a daughter of Christ and use my gifts and talents accordingly. Since meeting in DC, we’ve lived in Durham, NC, London, UK and now, Ann Arbor, MI.

Living by the Page was born out of a life-long passion of reading, communicating and writing. My undergraduate at Tufts, and my Master’s from the London School of Economics were both in International Relations which speaks to my generalist nature as I adore the intersection of political science, anthropology, history and business. I love to read, travel (although that’s been a bit more naturally limiting since having children) and communicate so even though I’ve been running Saltar Consulting since 2010, I felt as if it were time to establish a new place/space where I could integrate these other passions. Now at Living by the Page, you’ll be able to book coaching sessions (individually or workshops), get a glimpse into what I’m reading, as well as the kids, and hopefully walk away encouraged by where you are in your journey (single, grad school, parenthood, etc).

What I’ve learned by starting up Living by the Page is that not everything follows the traditional business plan. Saltar Consulting was much more straightforward: website, business cards, networking, clients, etc. For years I had blogged with the Huffington Post without really knowing what to do with it, just was walking through an open door and using it as a space to process out my thoughts on life. It didn’t make sense to showcase that writing in my consulting capacity so I honestly wasn’t sure where to “put it” so to speak. But I kept writing and then about a year ago, I decided to post reviews of the books that I was reading online via Instagram. Again, there was no underlying business plan to this, I just got joy out of reading and sharing what I read and I have a private Instagram account (mainly of the kids antics, wink) and each time I posted a book review, I had a hunch that probably others outside of my intimate family and friends circle would be interested. So about a year ago I created a public site (this was a big step for this non-Facebook gal!) and I’ve had such joy in connecting with like-minded bookworms. Sometimes passions don’t make sense. What I’ve learned in this creative process is that you have to follow what makes your heart sing…over the last year I can see now how all the pieces of the puzzle are falling together; starting with my first Huffington Post op-ed back in 2013. You can ask any friends/colleagues, my default setting is to achieve and this was one time where I did the opposite, I just let things unfold naturally in their own timeline. God is constantly teaching me to simultaneously lean in, yet release control of the process.