Holiday Cocktail & Appetizer

Oh man, I sure do love the holidays and all the fun things we can make! #sponsored

I tried out a delicious new recipe from Corks & Cheers and I just HAVE to share it with you.

First things first, you gotta prep your appetizer. Mainly so you have something to munch on while you are whipping up your new favorite cocktail.

Ingredients: Almonds, Apricot Preserve, and Manchego Cheese. Slice the cheese and spread the preserves on top and then place almonds on top. You have yourself a fancy little dish that took you no more than five minutes. #yourewelcome

Now, on to the fun stuff! Blackberry Mint Cocktails!


  • 8tbsp Blackberry-mint muddle

  • Ogio Prosecco

  • garnish

  • 4 blackberries

  • 4 mint sprigs

  • 4 1/4 limes

  • 4 toothpicks

Blackberry-mint muddle:

  • 1 cup of blckberries

  • 6 mint leaves

  • 1 tbsp of sugar

  • 1/4 cup of Cherry 7UP

  • 1 lime, juiced


Muddle together all the ingredients at the bottom of a mixing glass. Divide 2 tbsp each between serving glasses. Then add the muddle to the bottom of glass, add ice. Top with Ogio Prosecco, stir and garnish with a blackberry, lime and mint!

What are your favorite things to make for the holidays? Comment and let me know!

Lindsay Ayers