Summer Reading List: Kids Edition

One thing that has become increasingly important to me is reading more books by people of color. I know many of you all are mamas and have reached out to me about how to talk about race with your kids. One thing I have found is that buying books that are about people of color or that include people of color can be a great start to having that conversation. Since I am not a mama yet, I reached out to one of my favorite mom friends and asked her for some recommendations. Natalie is an avid reader and is raising little readers as well! I trust that you will find her recommendations to be wonderful.

Photo from Living by the Page by @Lovelundi

Photo from Living by the Page by @Lovelundi

With a family heritage that is Argentine on my side and Germanic/British/American on my husband's, we have a mix here in our family that is reflected in hair color, skin tone and the like. And I have many friends from various ethnicities or those who are in biracial marriages, or having a blended family via adoption. All that to say is that we are all very intentional of reading books that feature characters that actually reflect the world around us and I've led workshops on creating an intentional bookshelf (please email me if you would like more information on that).  

I grew up surrounded by the European/North American 'ideal' of blonde hair and blue eyes and while much has changed in the world of children's literature, it is still staggering to note that only 13% of books in the last 24 years (1994-2017) contain multicultural content (source: Lee & Low Books). Representation matters people and we can do our part by being mindful of what we put into the hands of our littles. So here's a short list of some of our favorite picture books with diverse characters:

Picture Books:

Ada's Violin

Alma and How She Got Her Name

The Name Jar

Jabari Jumps

A Boy Like You

Strictly No Elephants

The Very Last Castle

The Bake Shop Ghost

Charlotte and the Quiet Place

Off & Away

I Walk with Vanessa

Princess and the Peas

La Princesa and the Pea 

The Blacker the Berry (poems)

Flossie and the Fox 

Hank's Big Day 

Steamboat School

The Day You Begin

When God Made You

Early Chapter Books/Juvenile Fiction:

Princess Truly Series

The Questioneers Series

The Clubhouse Mysteries series

Zoey and Sassafras series

West Meadow Detectives series

Ellie May series

Book Uncle and Me

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