How to Overcome Fear

Fear has this way of blocking us. It keeps us from moving forward, from growing, and from pursuing God things. 

Scripture tells us that God does not give us a spirit of fear but one of power of love and sound mind. Which means we don’t have to succumb to fear and let it paralyze us. We have the power to overcome it practically and spiritually. 

Fear is something I have struggled with since I was a little girl. I won’t say I am an expert at overcoming fear, but I am getting there! I know these tips will benefit you. If you would like to see the video, make sure to sign up for my newsletter so you get access to exclusive videos.



    • One thing that has really helped me overcome fear is is to write down what I am afraid of. If I have an idea that I am afraid to follow through with, I like to write down the worst case scenario. Sometimes seeing it on paper helps me realize that the “worst” isn’t so bad after all. And if I find that the worst is actually really bad, then I take that to prayer and ask God if this is something He really wants me to do or pursue. And if so, to bring me the peace and wisdom I need to execute!


    • Sometimes fear is just a synonym for a lack of knowledge. We are afraid because we don’t know what to do or how to begin. If you want to go to grad school, date, make friends, buy a house- there are TONS of resources available to help you gain the knowledge you need. DO your research and write down what you learn. Ask people for help, take a course, watch a youtube video.


    • Once you have done your research, write out some practical steps you can take and then go at that list one thing at a time. You can only eat an elephant one bite at a time. Pick one thing on the list that seems doable and just DO it. Take it one step  at a time, one day at a time.


    • If you’re still feeling fearful after doing all the above steps, you could be under enemy attack. Pray and ask the Lord to remove the fear from your heart and mind and tell the enemy to back OFF. Stand on Ephesians 6:10 and declare victory over your mind! The devil has no authority over your mind, your life or your destiny. Don’t give him a single inch!


    • Sometimes we need practical advice and sometimes we need spiritual guidance. God is completely able to give you a download and a strategy if you ask. So sometimes we just need to PRAY. Pray and ask God for vision, for instruction, for strategy, even a business plan. 

Fear is not from the Lord. You do not have to let fear keep you from moving forward ANYMORE. It can stop TODAY. I am praying that you would break free from fear and step into what is next for you.




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