5 Questions to Ask in Your Quiet Time

Instagram can often make it feel like everyone has this perfect quiet time that is so easy. I think we forget to remember sometimes that getting up early to spend time with God can be a foreign concept to some. And even challenging to the seasoned vets. But the truth is, Quiet time can look different for everyone and should. Each of us have a unique relationship with the Lord and our quiet times are a beautiful way to demonstrate that and explore it.


One thing I love to do in my quiet time is ask God questions. But here’s the thing, if you re going to ask God a question, you have to listen for His answer! Sometimes we can be so chatty that God never gets a word in. But I digress. Here are a few questions I love to ask God in my morning prayer time.


What was my dream about? 

  • God can often speak prophetically through our dreams as we see in the book of Daniel. Some dreams are warnings and some can be what the scripture refers to as night visions. Not all dreams are from God but one way I try to discern if they are is through prayer and if the dream “sticks” with me throughout the day. 


What is on the agenda for today?

  • I have had countless situations where God gave me a much needed heads up. I personally do not love surprises but I had strong feelings that I will run into people I know and usually I discerned right! Don’t be afraid to ask! Jeremiah 33:3 says that if you call to Him he will tell you the unsearchable things you do not know. Try it out!


What scripture to read today?

  • Many people love to read the bible in a year and I think that is amazing. For me personally, I have found that allowing the spirit to lead me to what is next has given me so much wisdom and insight for my season whether that be that day or that week. I have received instructions, clarity, prophetic words and more by allowing the holy spirit to direct me to a bible passage. Try it out! and if you hear wrong, try again 🙂 


What is my word for today?

  • I love how many of us choose a word for the year but recently I have tried choosing a word for the day. This is especially helpful if I just feel LOST. Today, My word was surrender. So I have been meditating all day on what it means to surrender and what God may be asking me to give up in this season. Pray and ask God what word you can focus on today?


How can I serve you today?

  • Oh to be a vessel for the Lord is one of our greatest opportunities!! We can bless people beyond our wildest dreams when we allow ourselves to be led by the spirit. I have watched people give hundreds of dollars away to a needy stranger because the Lord nudged them to. Or ask just the right question at the right time. Or change plans to be there for a friend. When we yield to the spirit and commit to serving the Lord, we have the power to change someones day…and maybe even life!.
  • Are you asking any of these questions in your quiet time?! I would love to hear from you what your quiet time looks like. Comment and let me know! 

If you would like to dive deeper into your quiet time, check out the free bible study printable I created here