Recently, I have found myself listening to some pretty incredible podcasts. Below you will find a list of podcasts and recommended episodes for you to partake in. Some are specifically faith related/sermons and some are very important life lessons. Comment and let me know what your favorite podcasts are!

How Married Are You? - This podcast is hosted by a married couple in California. They are both christians and have four beautiful children. They show up on their podcast a few times a week with vulnerability, advice, comedy, and more. I have learned so much from them. Every episode makes you feel like you’re sitting on a couch and with your favorite mentor couple getting your whole life together.

Build a Better Us — I love love love this podcast. BJ and John give us the TRUTH on a consistent basis. It is so nice to listen to two Godly men just laugh and have fun but also give us literal KEYS to life. This podcast has really been like one giant life coaching session for me.

River City Community Church - I have recently started to attend a new church! I am loving it so far. The people are kind, the messages are so convicting, and everyone - from the staff to the congregation is extremely diverse in race, age, and thought. We have recently had some epic sermons that I am confident you will enjoy.

My Taught You - If you need to level your life, you need to be following Myliek. She is a straight shooter and will literally give you practical steps to make lasting change. The key is though, you still have to do the work. But Myliek will help you know what work to do.

Therapy For Black Girls - While this podcast is geared specifically towards black women, the content is genuinely useful for EVERYONE. I highly recommend listening to this podcast and seeking a counselor if it stirs up something in you and you need to discuss it further. This podcast has helped me grow A TON.

There are sooo many other podcast I wish I could include on this list, but for now get to feasting and let me know which one is your favorite!