What's the point?

Scripture: John 11

Lazarus died.

Jesus wept.

Lazarus lived.

I have always wondered to myself...what was the point of this?

Jesus is all knowing, all powerful, and fully capable of healing. And yet, he let Lazarus die. Yes, he LET him die. And on top of that He even SAID this sickness will not end in death…and yet, Lazarus died. While all of this was happening, Jesus was in another town. In fact, he got the news Lazarus was sick and didn’t leave for another two days. TWO WHOLE DAYS. And then he cried when he died?

He was fully capable of going to Lazarus and heal him or as we see with the centurion, send a word and Lazarus could be healed. And yet He does nothing. For four long days He lets his friend die.

Four days is a long time. He was buried already. Stone rolled in front of the tomb. DEAD.

That isn’t one of those stories where someones heart stops and twenty minutes later they are revived. That is as dead as dead gets. And Jesus ALLOWED IT…on purpose.

In his decision to let Lazarus die, He also let Mary hurt. He let Martha grieve. He himself let out tears. He let all this happen. I honestly am so mad at Jesus for this. Why would he let them all walk through the grief of losing something He KNEW he was planning on returning? My first instinct is to believe God isn’t good. That He isn’t kind and that this is just a sick game. But I know in my spirit that none of that is TRUE. The motives of God haven't changed even when the situations do.

So what was this about? Why did Jesus even allow his own heart to break over something he was in full control over?

“Lazarus is dead and for your sake, I am glad I was not there, so that you may believe"

It had to happen for Martha and Mary to know that God was going to have her back even when it didn’t look like it. (Vs 20).

It happened so that Lazarus could experience resurrection and fully grasp the faithfulness of God.

It happened so that Jesus could demonstrate that despite being the Messiah, he was also a MAN. And our God has FEELINGS and His heart breaks just like ours does. (v.35)

And it happened so that you and I can know that we are not alone in our suffering as we watch God let people, dreams, opportunities and relationships die. We have all been Mary and Martha and maybe even Lazarus wondering where God is in the middle of our trial. Jesus and Lazarus were close friends. Can you imagine being friends with the Messiah and knowing He has healed so many others, strangers even, but didn’t come home to heal you, his friend? Lazarus must’ve been heartbroken, confused, maybe even feeling betrayed.

There is so much hurt that could be happening here. Why would Jesus let this happen?

Throughout this whole situation, Jesus was calm, patient and in complete control. He was setting everyone up for a miracle the entire time. If we go back a few scriptures, we can see that He even TOLD us that the outcome would be more than okay in vs. 4. It is so easy for me to look at this story and initially decide that God is careless and insensitive when really, He was really doing some of His most compassionate work.

In one single situation He managed to prophesy like a prophet, grieve like a human, and resurrect like a God.

He proved himself mighty in so many more ways than if He had just simply ran home to heal his friend the instant He got the news.

So, why did this happen? For more reasons that my finite mind can even comprehend. But for me, the why behind this story is so that I can be reminded that no matter how dead, how dark, or how painful a moment might be, my savior is somewhere thinking of me with a miracle in mind. He did it FOR us. So that we could know that He had a plan then and He has a plan now.



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