What My Natural Hair Taught Me About God

I got my last relaxer the week I graduated from college in 2012. I was ready to try something new but I didnt really know what I was getting into when I began my transition to my natural hair. But I was ready to explore the hair I had not seen since I was a child due to chemical straighteners. But as it turns out, I did not have as much time was I wanted to play with my new curly hair and resorted to regular blow outs. I have had the pleasure watching my hair grow and thicken and flourish without harsh chemicals. But as another graduation neared, I decided to skip my blow out and opt for a curly look...just for a little while.


So for the first time in almost three years…I did my own hair. I am not going to lie, feeling my own curls was more exhilarating than I expected. This hair of mine was thick and kinky and these coils were so gorgeous. I followed the instructions on my new natural hair products and was feeling pretty good with what the naturalistas call a 'wash and go'. Hair was detangled, moisturized and curls were gelled. I felt great. 


I went to sleep that night and woke up the next morning with an entire head of matted hair....This was not part of the plan you see. I instantly panicked and believed that maybe I had gotten in over my head. I didnt know what to do with all these curls that now looked like a tangled web of...webs. I wanted myself straight hair back that was easy to manage. Not this birds nest situation!!


I was close to tears..scrambling for my phone to book an appointment at my local drybar when I felt the holy spirit tell me to calm down.


umm Holy spirit? Talking to me about my hair?! And He so gently reminded me that this is often what it feels like when we start anything new. Even our walks with Jesus. At first, we feel so good. SO excited. Everything is so fresh, and nice and feels just right. But then after some time, things get messy, tangled, difficult and thats usually when we give up. 


We give up at the first sign of trouble. At the first prayer we think went unanswered. We quit when things are not as neat and pretty as we thought they would be. But sometimes things just take some getting used to. We have to WORK with what we are given. So I stood in the mirror, looking at this hair God gave me and I started to play around with it. I made a headband out of black panty hose and fluffed out my matted fro. I did a little tugging and pulling and eventually, I had a hair style I was willing to leave the house with.

It just took a little patience. It took a little work. It took some time to get used to this new me.


Whenever we are learning something new, particularly with our faith, we cannot give up when things get hard or don’t go as planned. All is never lost with Jesus. We have to keep pressing in, praying, trying and pursuing. We can’t be Christians who quit-- We have a race to run.


So I wore my hair straight for graduation but I think this summer I will play around with these curls again and explore this hair texture God thought was perfect for me. I will probably tear up again and get frustrated when it insists on doing things it's own way. I will even be tempted to give up when challenges arise. But I am going to try.  

I challenge you to try something new this summer & let God teach you something in the process. 


with love,





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