What Aerial Yoga Taught Me About God

I have been trying out Classpass for sometime now and I really like it. It seems to be the only thing that keeps me consistent with my workouts this season. I love being able to pop into different gyms and try out something new. I have been nervous to try Aerial yoga because

1. what if I fall?

2. Worse, what if I look DUMB?

But I finally bit the bullet and scheduled my first class at an aerial yoga studio here in Chicago.

My instructor was kind, soft spoken and eager to teach. I somehow managed to begin our conversation with “Am I going to fall?”. She reassured me I would be fine. Before others arrived she helped me to get familiar with the dark green silks that were tightly hinged to the ceiling. I learned how to wrap my hands around it for additional security. I could tell based on logic that it would hold my weight but I was still apprehensive. At one point she told me to move the giant green loop behind me and position it on my lower back. I followed her instructions and then she said grab on and lean back. 


ummm….come again?!


Lean back she said, you are secure. It will hold you. 


mmmm…seee….about that. I can again, logically tell that this thing is not going to break, and my wrists are secured, grip is strong but every time I try to lean back…I tense up. SO tense that I start laughing. I am like “omg haha i cant believe im so nervous haha” and she is like its okay…Just RELAX. I tried a few more times but I could not bring myself to go the whole way. I finally did and gently flipped upside down and looped my legs through the silks and hung. 


I was doing it. It was happening! I took a deep breath and felt my body stretch out and adjust. The dark green silk was carrying me. It was sturdy, strong and unwavering. I LOVED it.


You may be wondering why I am telling you this story. Heres why: I did not intend to hear God speak to me through my aerial yoga instructor or that He would reveal to me that I could trust Him through a giant green silk. But He did. She resembled the holy spirit..gently nudging me to trust that I was leaning on something that could hold me. She was consistent with her message “You can trust this” and I had to believe her in order to try. And the silks, who knew they could be so much like God?! I had to grab hold of it in order to trust it and then I just had to believe it would carry me. 


It ended up being a wonderful workout. I enjoyed feeling strong and challenging myself physically. But mostly, I enjoyed the reminder that God is strong enough to carry me and I have the freedom to lean back and trust Him. I enjoyed being reminded of how much strength I have when I cling to the one who carries me. 


God is really good. Like REALLY good. The holy spirit is leading you today to lean back and Trust God. To cling to Him so that you can grow stronger. Will you?


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