How to Get In Position

A few days ago in my quiet time, I felt the Lord nudge me to the book of Ruth. Particularly, chapter three. In this brief chapter, Naomi tells Ruth to go to Boaz and lay at His feet. This seems…bold? presumptuous? aggressive? A lot of things if you ask me but in doing so, Boaz became of his role as possible redeemer for Ruth and eventually the were able to get married and everything changed for Ruth.

Great story, right? But as I was reading all I kept hearing the Lord say was “Get in position". I prayed and asked the Lord..HOW?! What does that mean? Get in position for WHAT exactly? And as I prayed and wrestled with this idea of getting in position the Lord revealed three ways how we can do that.

  1. Prepare

    1. Anything worth having is worth working for. And many times that means practical work and other times that means personal work. Sometimes that means both. Many of us are praying for things we are not actually ready to handle. Preparation can look like going back to school, going to counseling, or ditching some unhealthy habits. God releases things to us when we are ready. And we get ready when we are PREPARED. Now, don’t think you have to get all legalistic on me and start checking boxes. I don’t mean that. But I do mean submit yourselves to God and ask Him what you can do in this season to prepare for what He has for you…and then DO IT. (1 Samuel 15:22)

  2. Do more than what is asked of you

    1. I visited a church with my firmed recently and he said almost verbatim “you get in position by doing more than what is asked for”. I almost fell out of my chair. God is looking for those of us who will WORK HARDER. In a culture that is dead set on getting more for less, Christians should be the one pushing to do MORE. And again, not in a striving type way. But a do more in your lane type of way. Are we really working as unto the Lord in EVERYTHING we do or just the things we like? Are we operating with a spirit of excellence or mediocrity? Are we forgiving faster? Loving harder? Encouraging more? Or are we…settling? Tough one to wrestle with, I know. (p.s. the pastor based his message off the story of Rebecca at the well. Genesis 24 Read it for yourself!)

  3. Submit

    1. I have absolutely been in seasons where I was asking God for something with one foot surrendered and the other one dancing in the world. God loves us so much. So much so that He will not give us anything out of season. And sometimes we are out of season is because our hearts are not truly aligned. We have to be fully and wholly submitted to God. The bible says we have not because we ask not. And when we ask we ask with the wrong motives. (James 4:2) OUCH. It is really hard to have the right motives when I am trying to serve God and do my own thing on the side. Full surrender is the place where everything overflows. It isn’t easy, but boy is it worth it.

I am so determined to get into position for whatever God has for me. Our girl Ruth got her man, a business, wealth, and much more all because she said YES to God, worked her butt off, and was fully submitted and obedient to the Lord.

Which one do you feel led to pray about! Comment and let me know!