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Class pass

One of the ways I incorporate fitness into my every day life is through Classpass. Classpass allows you to pay a flat monthly fee in exchange for credits that you can use at different fitness studios around the city! I love being able to try different workouts and switch up my routine.


If you use my referral link, you can save $40 on your first month!

My favorite Chicago Studios are: Flywheel, Solidcore, Air Aerial fitness, and Lateral Fitness!


On the days where I am not hitting up a new studio, I am working out in my living room with the VICTORIOUS APP. With live workouts (and a few replays) scheduled all throughout the day you can knock out some HIIT, yoga, mobility, or boxing workouts. This app makes working out convenient and the instructors are GREAT.

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Val Marie Paper

I have been a Val Marie Paper addict since I found out about them a few years back. These prayer journals have helped me pray specifically, intentionally, and consistently. I heard once that vague prayers get vague answers and since then I have prayed with a purpose. 


And God has ANSWERED. If you are looking to take your prayer life to the next level, shop my Val Marie paper affiliate link here!

CHicago french press

When I am sitting down having my quiet time, I can GUARANTEE you that CFP is in my cup. My personal favorite is the coconut creme flavor but this summer peach nectar and I have gotten pretty close.

Few things to note: No it is not weirdly flavored. Yes, black coffee drinkers do love it. And YES, with every purchase there is a give back component. 

Use code FAITHFEAST for 10% off your purchase on Chicago French Press website.! 



1. Currently reading:

Let Your Life Speak - Parker J. Palmer

I am reading this one with a group of girls and this book is great for conversation. Really eye opening about why we choose the career paths we do. I

Braving The Wilderness- Brene Brown

UGH. You cannot pick up a Brene book without it wrecking your soul through and through. She tackles the mind at such a core level that growth is inevitable. LOVING this read so far.

2. Just finished:

Financial Peace - by Dave Ramsey

Trying to get your finances in order? Dave Ramsey is your guy. With His biblically sound perspective on finances you get the real deal truth on how to handle those dolla dolla bills!

3. Next up:

hmmm haven’t decided yet! Send Recommendations!